Day 68


Last night, I started to write about my father and the gratitude I feel toward everything he has done for me in this life. I was hoping for something concise and Instagram-friendly but instead, it got really emotional for me so I called him for a few minutes and sent him a follow up text saying happy Father’s Day with some recent pictures of us. He’s in India right now so we’re postponing an actual celebration till he comes back.
I woke up this morning to reply after reply emphasizing why he is grateful to ME for being his daughter; a complete summary of all the things I’ve done that he is proud of and the statement “my PERSONAL Father’s Day is Aug 6! . That’s the day I became a proud father! .” So I cried some more and then I laughed because I think that sums up my Pita for you all. I’m going use the next posts to talk about my dad because so much came up when I started writing.

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