Day 1 – Mondrian Found Me

I love how art just finds you sometimes. Or better yet, how you can see it and disregard it and then suddenly it becomes super pertinent to your life based on circumstance or chance. My brother talks about the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon where an introduction to some information causes it to show up again and again in your world. It has been there all along, but the sudden identification and cognizance of its existence even once makes it familiar and repetitive.

The first picture was my introduction to Mondrian. A stroll through a random San Francisco neighborhood and a fascination with and subsequent photograph of a window treatment. I came home and Googled “blue and red square art work” and somehow stumbled upon Mondrian’s work. It seems so simple; squares and rectangles in primary colors, juxtaposed together in various positions. But I remember being completely struck and amazed by his work. Soon after, we met again at MoMA and after that, his name was solidified in my personal canon of favorite artists.
Art doesn’t always have to be realistic or incomprehensibly “bourgeoisie” or hard or relegated to to a rich person’s world rendering it completely inaccessible. It doesn’t have to always be beyond the scope of what you yourself could possibly produce. Oftentimes it is a single introduction that sparks an interest that can stay with you. It is about vision, about feeling, about the incandescent light it switches on in that distant corner at the intersection of your mind and heart.

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