Day 58

Never thought in a million years that my 24 year old self’s chaat, Bollywood, Coke Studio and chai buddy would have also been present for my first class at Berkeley, ever. Sanaa is funny, insightful, not as desi as she thinks she is and a total badass and inspiration. Amongst other career highlights, she helped launch YouTube in Pakistan, is an awesome Googler, avid traveler, fellow humanities gal, great career advice giver and super humble. Other non-career highlights include her knowledge of the top 20 new Bollywood hits, her ah-mazing Saudi elaichi chai, her ability to talk you out of your insecurities, her accurate memories of Berkeley events and her newfound sari tying skills. Sometimes you meet your favorite college friends AFTER college. Lucky to know her and love her and end up in food comas with her.

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