Day 59

Happy National Best Friend’s day to two of mine, mumsy and Krishna! There are a few more people not pictured (love you daddyo, Ash, Sitarani) some would argue that a best friend by definition is one person and others would disqualify family altogether. Today I’m grateful for being an anomaly on this randomly generated day and going against all three of those points by highlighting these darlings. Best friends are there through thick and thin and this is a constant choice. We have decided, even as family members, and adults to boot, to sacrifice a lot to constantly make the choice to be there and function as best friends. That’s what I think is so unique about friendship – that it’s a choice of how engaged two people who have chosen a relationship choose to be. Proximity helps, role model healthy relationships, being blood also helps, but it’s all ultimately a choice of how engaged you want to be and how much you choose to show up in any relationship. I also acknowledge that not everyone has this kind of relationship with their family. I pray to always retain this closeness, to have each others’ back and to stay present in one another’s life no matter what.¬†

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