Day 16

IMG_7263.jpgYesterday’s post felt like therapy; I felt exhausted and today I really didn’t want to continue digging deep. This project takes commitment and I’m hoping to push past my own insecurities to continue writing from a deep place. So I’m returning to the familiar, which in some way seems to be the most meaningful, and feeling gratitude for the most familiar person in my life, my brother. From deep philosophical talks to inappropriate jokes, if there is someone who knows me, it is you. You can be unnervingly mature, reminding me of the values we hold, the practices we talk about cultivating and the experiences to be had but just as quickly, you can be the funniest, most ridiculous person in the world. Thank you for always reminding me to open myself to new experiences, even just for the story. Thank you for being a supportive advocate for women in your industry. Thank you for the belly laughs while you watch me agonize over decisions. Thank you for always making time for me and knowing exactly when ice cream is desperately needed in a situation. I love you more than you know, you is smart, you is kind and you is important and I cannot wait to see where your next journey takes you.

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