Day 8

IMG_1744.jpgDAY 8/100: 8 years ago, I got on my first solo flight, venturing off from the shelter of my little Moreno Valley nest to the far off land of Berkeley. Waiting at the gate, I spoke to as many people as I could l, desperately hoping to make some friends to make my experience a little more personable. When I got on the plane, all the seats were full, cliques had been formed and I ended up walking to the very back of the plane where I was sandwiched between this super quiet boy and this animated blond girl @ashley_blum. Over the course of 45 mins, we became fast friends and decided to spend the weekend in our own little group, taking in Berkeley, one experience at a time. Once in college, Ashley became my go to person for everything – from academics and figuring university bureaucracy out to boys and random drama. She has a penchant for keeping it real, speaking her mind (once you get to know her) in a voice that does not match her batting blue eyes, and most importantly, caring deeply for the people in her life. After college, Ashley found her passion in helping kids as a therapist in elementary schools. She does the difficult work of listening to impressionable young voices and making a difference in their often unfairly difficult lives. What she tells me about her work breaks my heart but she shows up, day in and day out because she is a giver and lives by her credo – “be the person you wish you had when you were growing up”. Personally, she’s extremely disciplined, bewilderingly rational, laughs at me constantly, is calming in a disturbingly loud way and has learned to accept that I’ll always be a little late to our catch up sessions. Despite our distance, I’m grateful for her presence everyday and for her holding space for me during some really difficult times. I love you Ashley and I hope you have the best day 😍👯

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