Day 7


IMG_3945.jpgIMG_4653.JPG DAY 7/100: I’ve been contemplating what to say that has not already been said about #jkrolling17: Indradyumna Swami read his moving letter to the couple advising them to “give more love than they take”, both Shyama Govinda and Kaishori spoke and touched us all and anyone who saw me that day saw that I was a heaping mess of emotions. I think I’ll follow the general theme of the event and say what I can from my heart. This was the first wedding I have attended where I was totally moved by the sincerity that went into making it such heartfelt event. Traditionally, weddings, especially with no planner, tend to be chaotic affairs. For an event to not only look beautiful but have a heart, many hearts pour together their essence to create something exceptional. From the moment you were under the care of the “Hare Krishna Family”, you felt their genuine concern in making sure your every need was personally tended to. Every day, they would come up to us and their hundreds of other guests and humbly ask if everything was going well and remind us to let them know if they could make us any more comfortable. Despite the hectic lead up to the event and so much stress, @kaisorikreates and @findingvallabhi made sure to inquire about our wellbeing and even sneak me away for some quality time. Every aspect was carefully attended to. The hospitality wasso impeccable that normally exhausting wedding events felt energizing.
But the x-factor was definitely the spirituality that permeated every minute of the weekend. Some of us remarked about how it felt like a retreat of some sort – we were getting to partake in every “exchange of love” mentioned in the Nectar of Instruction. We spent time giving and receiving gifts, speaking with and accepting delicious prasadam (sanctified food). The best part? It was so natural and effortless!
I’ve thought about it all so much in the subsequent few days and I know now that my emotions were real because my soul was touched. Indeed, just like one would after a retreat, we left surcharged with a renewed sense of spiritual energy, gratitude and a warm tingly feeling that I can only describe as love.

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