Day 6

DAY 6/100: Today I got to chase the sun up the California 5 Northbound through the highway, fields, garlic groves, mustard plains and palm covered roadside on my drive home. I started off around 4 am with the brilliant moon surrounded by beautiful, fluffy clouds. I wish I could have captured the feeling of driving to the accompaniment of a nearly full moon and watching it slowly fade into the darkness as the daylight cracked and spread light all around! While I was reminded of a Sanskrit verse “ayur haranti vai pumsam” which reminds us to look at the rising and setting sun as an indicator of the merciless journey of time, I am struck by the thought that it is something else to look at the same sky and be fully present. Unlike so many activities in our life, driving is still an activity in which being distracted is a punishable offense. So when I commute, I’m acutely aware of my surroundings, my music, the sky and road – everything. It sometimes feels like an altered state: being fully conscious, alert and present. Following the sunrise this morning felt like an adventure. While it was an exhausting day, feelings like these fill me with gratitude for the human experience. What a gift to be alive!.

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