Day 98

So close to day 100, so reluctant to end this project, so deep in reflection for all the incredible gifts this project has given me, so grateful to have my writing back, so busy with work, family, visitors and taking care of myself, so consumed with physical manifestations of ❤️ all around me. I’m almost done but wanted to post this gentle reminder, along with some personal memories of the last few days, all of which overwhelmed me with gratitude. In no particular order:
#1 don’t 4get to love
#2 angel formerly known as moloch descends from the heavens
#3 it’s been too long, but the company of a mango-sniffing, cream-watching freak is the best kind of company
#4 RADHA PADMINI IN SAN FRANCISCO WHAT IN THE WORLD – my kartik buddy/ Radha Raman lover made it to my city!
#5 my mother, style queen, shade master, I owe her everything
#6 daddy-o, his sheer presence makes one grin so hard
#7 baby Kavi, his chunky thighs and drooly smiles capture the heart ❤️ 

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