Day 96


Today I’m grateful for my body. I’ve never been naturally skinny or super fit but through a combination of occasional exercise and a decent diet, I’ve skirted through the majority of my life at a relatively constant weight. While that hasn’t kept me from comparing myself to so many of my friends who did prioritize their health, it wasn’t a big deal until recently. Over the last few years, courtesy of a deeply sedentary lifestyle, the stress of adult responsibilities and many unhealthy choices, I depriortized my health and blamed my image issues on my metabolism. As clothes began to tighten and I noticed an extra inch here and there, I began to toxically criticize my body for my frustration. The ironic thing is the entire time, I knew exactly how to deal with the root of it (a cleaner diet and exercise) yet it felt so much easier to constantly fat shame my own self. Last night, I pushed through an arduous hike, huffing and even slipping on my way up, but I made it. Today, I finished an hour of sunrise yoga, no breaks, with so much gratitude for my amazing body. I felt so balanced and in touch as I moved from pose to pose and was so proud of my ability to focus. Despite not giving it the attention or nutrition it deserves, my body continues to sustain me, ground me and support all of my endeavors (no matter how ludicrous). I suppose you could say it has no choice, but as I completed each posture today, I was in awe of its adaptability and strength. Our bodies are so loving and kind to us. It’s never too late to repay that favor, starting with our words.

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