Day 95

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95 and a few days ago I didn’t think I’d make it here. It is really terrifying opening up so much of myself to a largely unknown audience of readers with very personal anecdotes of trial and tribulations. I am overwhelmed by how positive the reactions have been – you’ve all been my community, cheering me through the halfway and now home stretch, checking in when I’m MIA and most importantly, engaging with me in such beautiful ways. Even if some of you haven’t read each post all the way (😉it’s ok, they be long) I have been genuinely surprised by all of the serendipitous interactions – I haven’t spoken to some of you in years, some of you are new friends and still others are family members I feel so reconnected with! The power of gratitude is immense; you can feel instantly wealthy, your endorphin levels can rise and it can make depressing periods seem surmountable because it puts your shit in perspective. I’ve always been protective of my writing, choosing to contain it until it feels perfect. Having this medium to share even a little bit has been so freeing and has allowed me to get back in touch with such a big part of who I am.
The other day, a good friend of mine, Hari Priya, led us through an exercise of gratitude in her yoga class, where we collectively took two minutes to think of all of the things we would be grateful to wake up with if we woke up tomorrow morning with nothing else. As my mind raced, taking inventory of the minutiae struck me hard – when did I last think of the privilege of flushing toilets, able bodies, access to yoga classes and fresh fruit and veg? All the little things – those are what make all the difference in the long run. Today, I’m grateful for what this #100dayproject has given me – perspective, a happier heart and a chance to share with so many loved ones. You are all such inspiring and giving souls and your readership has made this all the more exciting. Little PSA -it’s not always easy but there’s always the option, like this little flier plastered on the Berkeley English department bulletin board reminds us, to take a chance. What will yours be?

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