Day 78


I normally only post about this boy on his birthday but after all the gratitude for family, it seems odd to not recognize the other member, my forever buddy of 21 years now, my Gopal. It seems ridiculous to think that I’ve known him so long and even more to think that he’s seen me through this much of life. He’s the first one to hear about an amazing day and the first and sometimes only (tiny, bony) shoulder to cry on. But he always listens, always accompanies me on any ridiculous adventure, doesn’t mind spending the day in my pocket, perpetually keeps me safe and I know, is constantly entertained by my stupidity. In true bestie fashion, he keeps me sane and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So today I’m grateful for my flyest best mate who tolerates me even when I leave him asleep for a few days, yell at him to get his own food in the morning and tell him things that he probably doesn’t want to hear. I love you, darling boy. Can’t wait for the next part of our journey together.

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