Day 36


Shri Radhe is the foundation of my identity
Radhika, her pet name,
My legal name in this world. Stretching far beyond the sea of culture, the waves of tradition, the ubiquitous sand of language. “What does it mean?”
“She who serves the Lord the best”
Aradhana nam iti Radha.
To worship is the root of Radha.

I’ve had all kinds of responses to this:
“That’s a lot of live up to.”
“Is it fair to give a child such a big name?”
“That’s stunning.”
“The ultimate name.”
Patronizing stares at my precocious answer.
Blank looks at my adolescent self assuredness.
Hesitant looks at my adult acceptance.
My name.
My only grounding in a world constantly in flux.
Radhe is the feminine energy of Krishna. She is his consort, his counterpart, his goddess. With her incomparable wit, charm, beauty and ability, she accomplishes the feat of controlling the Supreme.
She is the Supreme Goddess, (yes, my faith allows for that) she is
The cause of all causes’ cause
She is the potency of the omnipotent, the lover of the source of love.
Krishna, “the all all attractive one” is captivated by her.
We look to her as an intermediary, for without her grace, there is no chance of connecting. There is no Krishna without Radha.

To have that kind of power in a name. That much stake in something so much bigger than myself. A continual reminder of the magnificence from which I was born, my duty to worship like the best. An invitation to always remember and never forget.

I honor it with gratitude and a continual prayer. As long as I have this name, may I continually be used as a receptacle for her grace. May I operate as an instrument of her mercy. May I never forget her; for in so doing, I may forget myself.
Raw thee caw
Let it dance.
Let it escape from the parting of your lips.
Let it greet your spirit with its power.

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