Day 35


Sorry for the barrage, I’m trying to play catch up again!

I’m often asked why I continue to live in the East Bay, choosing to live in Berkeley/Oakland when I could, in theory, move to the South Bay/Silicon Valley and literally cut my commute time in half. I’m always astounded by and grateful for the community and culture that is so evident if you live in the East Bay. From the friendly faces at the supermarkets and cafes (most fit my favorite stereotypes of local, organic, vegan-friendly and fair trade), the hidden parks and mystery spots all around the area that reveal themselves when you need them most, the actual pockets of culture, the strength of the people creating, living and loving, the mindbending conversations you can have at the laundromat and the incredible energy abounding – it is a very intentional and sincere love that keeps me here. The East Bay is my first love: this land has sustained me, protected me and watched me as I’ve developed during my most formative years. I’ve grown in size, height and weight – as a writer, dancer, translator, academic, professional, spiritualist, singer, nurturer, sister, lover, daughter, friend and woman. I’ve forged new identities here. I’ve abandoned old identities. But most of all, I’ve evolved. I’m sure I could say that of any place I have lived but there is something special about this place that I’ve called home for nearly 8 years. As I settle into a new hovel, I’m feeling a sense of kinship with this area all over again. And that is beautiful.

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