Day 90


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a girl named Radhika has had a love affair with ice cream since her childhood. Seriously can’t believe I’ve made it this far without expressing my immense gratitude for my favorite food in the entire world, ice cream. To make up for not making this abundantly clear, I will have you know that I take ice cream very seriously. I cherish my tubs (not cones because come on) by making sure they remain in my freezer for less than 3 days. If my calorie counter and South Asian genetics told me otherwise, I’d bring that down to 24 hours. I’m probably composed of at least 25% ice cream. It is an ideal food – calcium rich, essential fat rich, chocolate rich, I could go on. In the crazy heat of the summer and who am I kidding, the freezing cold of the winter, there is nothing I’d cheat on my diet with or be more grateful for. I am aware this picture doesn’t do my ice cream justice, take my word that it was resplendent and grand looking but then I just couldn’t wait.

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