Day 49


It feels serendipitous to have met this beautiful soul right as I was embarking on this project; she lives in England, I live in San Francisco, we met in Brisbane. Jai Gaurangi has this beautiful depth and calm to her that reflects the ocean of devotion, ideas and poetry within her. Within our first conversation, we talked about things I hadn’t spoken to anyone about in years. I felt such a strong kinship both spiritually and materially. One of the greatest blessings of this #100dayproject has been the ability to stay in touch with her through these daily posts – she captures the voice of the soul on a spiritual journey so eloquently through her stunning haikus. Her dedication to her guru, her determination on her path and her belief in herself are exemplary to me. There have been moments where I’ve felt as though this project drains me of so much by forcing me to be vulnerable and share my gratitude on topics that are very personal. Having her encouragement, even from the other end of the pond, has been everything. With her permission, I’m sharing my favorite haiku of her series:

*Day 51*

Time heals; Faith Reveals

Lamenting past wounds
Closes doors of the heart to
Healing gifts of time

Accepting His plan
Opens gates of gratitude
Within faithful hearts
Here is to 50 more days and the gratitude I feel to just know you, my dear.

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