Day 32

Today I’m grateful for: “immigrants” because “we get the job done”, celebrating 3 years of working hard and documenting with #chroniclesofaworkingwoman and my dearest ex-workwife Natasha for the incredible, life changing, idea 💡 generating experience that was FRONT ROW SEATS AT Hamilton. Reminding us of the importance of history and our role in creating it is no easy feat – but such an important lesson to keep in mind as we live through some of the most tumultuous times. For a liberal arts major, it is so inspiring to see how history can be made so current and that too, delivered in the format of hip hop. This is the first Broadway show that I’m catching myself singing under my breath and oh my god what powerful words. But also, thank you, seriously and majorly to Natasha, again, for fanning my interest in the arts and making me infinitely more cultured by procuring all the tickets and making these magical experiences happen. Life in the Bay would not be the same without you! 

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