Day 1


DAY 1/100: I’m horribly late, which in some sad way has become my trademark, but here goes. I wanted to be a part of the 100 day project since I heard of it, but being consumed by so much – social media a/b testing(how many likes can this one get), work “busyness” (never a real excuse when you always seem to carve out time to stalk the 🌎 on Instagram), shyness, fear of judgment, writer’s block, subsequent feelings of paralysis and then having NO idea where to begin – here I am. I’m starting at the beginning, my first conscious memory of writing – encouraged,
nay, pushed by my darling mother when I was 6, to write thank you notes to every guest at my birthday party. Other than mandatory writing exercises, I had never written anything before and I remember my hands being distinctly sore by my second note. “I’m done”, I whined. “You have 12 more Radhika.” said my mum. Since then, writing thank you notes have been my thing – both as physical notes and as in an extensive gratitude journal. So today I will start my #100dayproject – my #100daysofgratitude. I will hopefully accompany my gratitude with images that make sense. Gratitude is so simple, so often overlooked and so powerful.
I am grateful for my mother for giving me the gift of gratitude, without which, the world can be a very cruel place to be in. Through painstaking care, she allowed me to see the world differently and be reflective of all the beauty that can so easily get muddled in the madness of existing. Love to @rockinruksi for all of the encouragement, cheering on and messaging to get me started. And @jahnavi_harrison @bhaktilata and @jaanki_108 for the inspiration to take realizations and just do it!

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